Customer success stories

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Muaath Ahmed - CEO, Zid Communication

DRDSH has made our jobs ten times more efficient After installing the chat module, we are able to spend less time fixing technical issues and assisting our clients with what they need! Before we started using the chat, we were on the phone with new signups and training calls. After the install, we are able to address multiple issues at one time, so our productivity has gone through the roof and my time has freed up tremendously. Thank you

Eyad Maddah - General Manager, EVIRide

Boosted Sales from Day 1! When we saw that we were getting huge number of hits each day on our website, but wondered why more didn’t covert to sales, we decided to add DRDSH Live Chat! It was SO easy to install and use! Not ONLY did visitors to our site comment how they LOVE this feature, BUT our sales increased DAILY directly from DRDSH!!

Abdullah - Associate Manager, Logistiom

Easy to use and well worth the price! I think that there is a huge advantage to allowing customers to be able to chat you up right on the spot. I know that as a consumer, it can totally make or break a sale if I have a question that can be answered immediately.

Rehab - Manager, Learn Chinese

Live Chat That Works Thanks to DRDSH we were able to better communicate with our audience. We experienced a 35% increase in sales after we installed DRDSH. Technical support was able to help us seamlessly get the technology to work. We can’t thank you enough.