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Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions constitute the Agreement between you and DRDSH, Inc. The Privacy Policy includes the way we collect and use information from users of our Services. By using or accessing our Service, you agree to the collection, storage, use, disclosure, and processing of your information as per our Privacy Policy.

1. Introduction

DRDSH, Inc. Privacy Policy includes details on gathering Visitors, Customers, and other data subjects (such as End-Users or Agents) Personal data and other data, Services, and Products offered by DRDSH, Inc., and the way of processing. We respect our customers' right to use our software, so we take the necessary steps to protect the information of our Visitors and Customers of our site. As for our comprehensive security regulations, we have the highest security standards for Personal data, applications, and websites provided by us. Users accepting Terms and Conditions of DRDSH, Inc. for any purpose means accepting DRDSH, Inc. Privacy policy.

2. Scope

This Privacy Policy applies to all data and information obtained by DRDSH, Inc. from which a person can be identified.

3. Questions and issues

If you have questions and concerns, or if you prefer to update, access, correct, amend, or delete any of your Personal Data we store, please contact us at (e-mail address)

4. Information we collect

1. Provided data

  1. The reason and purpose of collecting and processing Personal Information and other data by DRDSH, Inc. is:
  2. To offer, maintain and enhance the Services and to ensure guaranteed and safe Service functionality of the Services,
  3. To offer Customer access to its Personal information and handle this access through standard API methods for the active subscription of Services as well as after the inactive subscription until the Service is terminated by a written request as per the Agreement.
  4. To establish Customer's and Company's claims that might arise due to the Services,
  5. To stay in touch with the Customer to offer up-to-date details, tips, or instructions related to the Service.

2. Personal Information and other Data collected by DRDSH, Inc. is used to complete the process of creating an account and to ensure customers get the benefit of enjoying DRDSH, Inc.'s Services. When registering on our websites to obtain our Services, we request you to provide information including first name, last name, business name, address, e-mail address, website address, and payment information in the even when a customer decides to continue the Service after the trial period. Unless the Customer decides to continue using our Service after the trial period, adding payment information is not required. We also gather other data offered by Customers while using our Services. Information including your domain, IP address, operating system type, browser type, etc. may be acquired when a user enters our websites. We may also gather information offered by your Agents (employee to operate the Service) and End-Users Personal Information provided in a Pre-Chat survey. We store your chat content. You are entirely responsible for obtaining data concerning the applicable law and lawful processing of such data to DRDSH, Inc.

3. Personal Information offered in connection with the Customers or Visitors and DRDSH, Inc. shall be strictly utilized to reply to problems or to transfer data. We use the information provided by the customer to offer excellent customer service. We allow you to check moves made by your Agents. If you are using the support section, we may gather OpenID or name, e-mail address to contact our support team. We do it for a Visitor and a Customer. We collect device information, including operating system, device type, and application version. We gather this information to provide an optimized version of our applications. Please be mindful we collect data related to the use of our software by our Customers and theirs. We use it for statistics purposes. We gather such data anonymously. We use it to offer to enhance Services to our users.

4. Data subjects include Customer's representatives, Customers, End-users, employees, contractors, Agents, Customer's clients, and collaborators. Data subjects include individuals trying to transfer personal data to Customers. The data subjects entirely determine the content of data offered to the Company.

5. The Customer warrants and agrees that the processing of data has been and will continue to happen as per the Data Protection Laws.

6. Please be aware that the Customer agrees to the profiling of its Personal Information offered to the Company for proper maintenance of Service and others mentioned in a Privacy Policy.

7. Destruction or return of Personal Information. At Customer's election, the written request to the Company, shall procure following Sub-processors:

  1. Offer a complete copy of all Customers' Personal Data to the Customer.
  2. And delete and procure the deletion by the Company or any Sub-processor. The Company will agree to such a written request within 30 days.

8. Company will access Geo-Location data as we gather IP addresses of the devices you use our software on.

9. We don't willingly gather Personal Information from anyone under the age of 13. If you witness we collect Personal Data from anyone under the age of 13 mistakenly, please contact our support team (enter the address) we urge guardians and parents to keep an eye on their children's Internet usage.

10. Cookies are used while enjoying the Services or products offered by DRDSH, Inc. These are some information provided by the server, stored in your customer with the intention of automatic identification of a user. Cookies let us confirm your identity and to offer our services efficiently. Cookies are used by DRDSH, Inc. to provide personalized user experience to our users. Cookies shall not be deleted from the storage media. Users who remove cookies may not have access to the DRDSH, Inc.'s Services. We don't transfer the information we store in cookies to any Personal Information you offered while on our site. DRDSH, Inc.'s Privacy Policy does not cover third-party cookies.

11. We assure you that we are responsible for protecting your Personal Information we collect and hold from misuse loss, disclosure, destruction, and alteration. While safeguarding your personal information, we take responsibility for the risk involved in the personal data processing.

12. DRDSH, Inc.'s websites may include links to other sites, and we don't hold control for the external links.

13. Using the Services offered by DRDSH, Inc., the Customers and Visitors are obliged to comply with the rules in the Terms and Conditions of our websites.

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