Terms & Conditions


This DRDSH, Inc. Terms and Conditions constitute an Agreement and is done between DRDSH, Inc., and the person or entity willing to access and use the Service. DRDSH, Inc. or its affiliates offered to be subject to the following terms. Please review it. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree that you have read, understood, and accepted it. Alongside, review our Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms and can be found here As mention in this Agreement, “DRDSH, Inc.” (Also “Company” or “we”) means DRDSH, Inc.


The following terms shall have the meanings mentioned below:

“Services” describes the services and products offered by the Company to the Customer as per the Agreement specified below.

“Customer,” “you” (or “Client”) describes any user, entity, or person who creates an account and uses DRDSH, Inc. Services offered by the Company under the Agreement.

“Visitor” describes any person who is browsing the website of DRDSH, Inc.

“Agent” describes any person who is employed by the Customer.

“End-user” describes any person who uses DRDSH, Inc. Services to communicate with the Customer.

“Confidential Information” describes all information, including written or oral, provided by the disclosing party to the receiving party.

“Third Party Service Provider” describes any third party that collects, uses, or processes Personal Information under the instruction of DRDSH, Inc.

“Sub-processor” describes entities in which software, services, or goods are used by the Company to run the business while providing the Services.

All terms obtained from General Data Protection Regulation as “Commission,” “Controller,” “Data Subject,” “Personal Data Breach,” “Personal Data,” “Processor,” “Processing” should be understood in accordance to the regular meaning coming from the regulation.

General statements

On principles mentioned in this Terms and Conditions DRDSH, Inc. offers the following Services: via the Internet website https://www.drdsh.live or mobile applications. Accepting these is a condition of using the Services provided by DRDSH, Inc.

All Customers are obliged to review these Terms and Conditions.

By mentioning the Customer’s acceptance towards this Agreement, using or accessing the Service, the Customer agrees to adhere to all terms, conditions, or referenced in this Agreement.

Please be mindful that DRDSH, Inc. may edit the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, and only the ones visible on our website are valid at the time.

However, the main provisions of the Agreement will not be affected by the modifications. Such as terms of termination and payment. Changes will take place with prior notification sent to the Customer. Hence, we urge you to familiarize yourself with the valid Terms and Conditions available on our website.

The Customer will not be eligible to use the Services unless for the acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

Access to Services

DRDSH, Inc. Services are specially designated for business use and should be used following their application, purpose, and this Terms and Conditions.

DRDSH, Inc. Services should be used following its original aim and purpose.

DRDSH, Inc. Services can be accessed only by logging on to the website.

Every Customer is offered with credentials that shouldn’t be used by others without the consent of the Customer. The customer is responsible for protecting and keeping the credentials safe

The Customer must be above13 years of age to register and to access his or her account.

The Customer accepts to use the Services in regards to their purpose, use, and in a way consistent with Terms and Conditions and currently effective law.

The Customer is responsible for all phrases, contents, and entries included in the network when using the Service offered.

The Customer knows and is comfortable with the technical requirements needed to use the Services and no counter-arguments thereof.

The Customer is aware of threats related to electronic data transmission.

DRDSH, Inc. has the right to access Customer accounts for security, technical, and administrative purposes. The obtained information for these purposes shall not be shared or made available to third parties unless needed by the Provisions of law or the Customer.

The Customers of DRDSH, Inc. Service agrees that they will not use the Service by violating the laws. Violation of this Terms and Conditions, general norms and rules, and applicable laws shall lead to the termination of this Agreement.

Acceptable Use Policy.

1. This Acceptable Use Policy of DRDSH, Inc. Services accessible through https://www.drdsh.live and mobile versions related to the domain or subdomain.

2. To ensure fluent function, we hereby declare that DRDSH, Inc.’s Customers shall not inappropriately use the Services and product. Thereupon, Customers agree not to:

  1. Hinder the services of DRDSH in the form of hacking or reverse engineering, or to access the Services unlawfully,
  2. Use the Services by breaching the Terms and Conditions and cause serious damages to the DRDSH, Inc.,
  3. Impersonate other customers’ credentials to use the services of DRDSH, Inc.,
  4. Use the Services by violating the laws or right of other individuals,
  5. Promote Service or products without legal basis,
  6. Encourage anyone to commit the actions listed above.

3. As a condition of using DRDSH, Inc.’s Services, the Customer shall (a) as requested by applicable law, provide notice to the End-users, and get consent if needed for the use of DRDSH, Inc. Services and for processing agents and End-Users Personal Data to Third Party Service Providers and to the Company ; (b) be responsible for its representatives, employees, and agents who access the DRDSH, Inc.’s Services ; (c) comply with any restrictions or limitations mentioned in this Agreement, and (d) use the Services by agreeing with the applicable law.

4. All information software, commentary, text, data, and any other materials offered by using the Services (collectively, “Data”) is the responsibility of the individual. The customer takes the entire responsibility related to all uploaded, download, or otherwise transmitted information via the Services of DRDSH, Inc.

5. The Customer understands and agrees that the DRDSH, Inc. may engage Sub-processors related to the Services, including without restricting the Processing of the Customers Personal Data.


  1. The use of Services on the Website is free of charge for 14 days only.
  2. After the 14 days trial period, if the Customer prefers to continue using our Services, the Customer needs to make payment as per the prices listed on the pricing page.
  3. All payments are conducted electronically by professional entities.
  4. Non-payment means resignation from the provided Services.
  5. Receipts of the payments will be transferred electronically as PDF files.
  6. The Customer shall be offered 14 days of notice of changes in the price list.

Refund Policy

1. Despite the billing cycle, the Company will not provide refunds or credits for the unused time of the plan if you decide to close your account before the subscription period ends.

2. There will not be any partiality in regards to the refund policy.

3. Information for a trial account, the paid subscription and canceling the account are as below:

  1. Trial license- After signing up, you will receive all the Services. The free trial period is for 14 days because we like you to test our Services before deciding to continue. A credit card is not required to use the trial period.
  2. Paid subscription- if you decide to subscribe, we need your credit card details, subscription period, and several agents. We will not charge you right away but after the free trial period. We do not refund already processed payments.

Canceling the license

You can cancel your DRDSH account at any time. Once you cancel, your license will not work anymore. Credit from previous payments is not refundable.

Account closing

The Customer has the right to close the account at any time. Once you close the account, you cannot use the current login and password. 

The Customer is solely responsible for closing his or her account.

DRDSH, Inc. holds the right to close the account if the Customer breaches Terms and Conditions or in the event of illegal use of Services.

DRDSH, Inc. shall not be liable for damages faced by the Customer arisen due to the closing of the account by the Customer or for other reasons caused by the Customer.

Guarantee and limited liability

1. DRDSH, Inc. guarantees the best quality of its operations to ensure continuity of offered Services and products as per their use and purpose.

2. DRDSH, Inc. does not guarantee the compatibility of Services and products with other producers’ software.

3. Please be aware that due to long-distance complexity, it is impossible to ensure absolute accessibility, security, and continuity of the Service.

4. DRDSH, Inc. guarantee that opinions offered by users do not reflect the Company’s views and opinions. DRDSH, Inc. does not control or monitor Customer’ opinions regularly.

5. DRDSH, Inc. shall bear no liability for:

  1. Entries and phrases included to the network in relation to the use of Services,
  2. Not being consistent with these Terms and Conditions Customer’s operations while using Services and products,
  3. Issues inaccessibility of products and Services not caused by DRDSH, Inc.,
  4. Damages faced by the Customer arisen due to the closing of the account by the Customer or for other reasons caused by the Customer,

Privacy Policy

A separate Privacy Policy has been updated concerning Personal data protection and Customer Privacy Protection. For information regarding DRDSH’s, Inc. complies with the Privacy Shield Frameworks. Please review our Privacy Policy

Final Provisions

DRDSH, Inc. holds the right to update the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at any time without notice. The current, up-to-date version of these documents can be reviewed at the bottom of our website.

All disputes related to these Terms and Conditions shall be initially resolved amicably.

DRDSH, Inc. is open to set up mediators in case of any conflict.

Disputes that cannot be amicably resolved shall be transferred to obtain a solution by the Common Court of Law at the location of DRDSH, Inc. principal office.

The act on copyright, an act on electronic services, neighboring rights, and provisions of the Civil Code and other provisions of law shall be applicable in problems that are not governed by these Terms and Conditions.

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