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This Measure composes a policy governing the relevant safety measures relating all products provided by DRDSH, Inc., namely:

  • ChatBot
  • LiveChat
  • HelpDesk
  • Knowledge Base

Certain products may have different safety measures as per their characteristics. If there are differences, we ensure to indicate them.

General terms

Storage security and Data transmission are requisite in modern business. That’s why we take the necessary measurements to keep information adequately protected. Professional security guards guard the data storage centers. Our staff must maintain confidentiality once they depart the company. Our developers handle stored data of customers with concern and a higher level of security. Every single customer’s data is protected as if our own with standardized protection. Our security policies are up-to-date when handling the transmission and storage of data. Stored data will not expire. Despite the client’s license discontinuance, the data will remain in our server. If you want to retrieve chats, you can contact our support team via (email address).

Security of information

DRDSH products comply with the below-mentioned information related to monitoring procedures and security:

  • Documented and explained security procedures and standards
  • Employee confidentiality agreement
  • Enabling only verified employees to access customer data
  • Allowing access to hosting servers or customer data for the employees who in that particular section
  • Limited 24 hours access to customer data after departing or relocating within DRDSH
  • Raising awareness related to security policies
  • Data centers are physically guarded
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm is used in backups and data storage

Following requirements are met when offering physical security to data centers and hosting services to and by our Products:

  • Secure rooms with key-cards, security guards, man traps, and computer room badge-in
  • Physical access to the servers is given only to the Authorized employees allowed
  • Customer data backups are stored at a commercial off-site location and on-site with limited access
  • The site guarantees extra protection

Technical controls

Technical controls of DRDSH products to provide safety to its system, network, and applications:

  • The best tier hosting provider protects the customer data from external threats
  • Individual accountability for the employees who can access systems hosting customer data
  • Products have documented password/user account systems for employees who access the systems that host customer data
  • Different password and user name required for the individual administrator
  • Every customer’s data is separated and compartmentalized to avoid unauthorized access
  • Security mechanisms are used to protect server hosting customer data and wireless connectivity
  • Products’ data center maintains security policies to deal with malware, viruses, and other threats


All our Products meet the below-mentioned criteria to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of customer data:

  • Unique ID for each user
  • Enabling any time editing option for user IDs and passwords
  • Password should contain a minimum of 5 characters
  • Limiting access to authorized customers
  • All logs are considered confidential information
  • Accessing reports is limited to internal support purpose only
  • Customer data retention is permanent as for all security policies

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